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‼️‼️‼️Andrea Casey she need your Hellp‼️‼️‼️

In April 2019 Andrea Casey was diagnosed with leukaemia, with very aggressive form and it was spread to her spine and brain, she is currently going through the most intensive treatment regimen C. Andrea is 5 years old. She has developed neuropathy while on treatment. She has problems with her stomach, for past few months, where she womiting blood and constantly has blood in her acid. We are on the list for a scope, camera that looks into her stomach, as we been waiting on this in public health list for so long and still we don't have a date, she has been getting worse, as it's extremely serious issue, we would like to get it done privately, but unable to afford it,as it's one of the most expensive procedure in the country. There is to much to tell. People who going thru it will understand. We are a family of four me and my partner and two girls Andrea is 5 and sister is 2-years old . We're finding it very hard, struggling with funds, there is lots of traveling, hospital stays, medications that not covered. are living in substandard accommodation . Trying our best to keep the house warm . Need funding to try to do up the house, to make it suitable and safe for her. We had no choice but to move to substandard accommodation due to the financial crisis, the house we are living in is below standart. Not in a million years I would have thought my daughter would ever be diagnosed leukaemia . I wish this on no parent or no family .. any little would be appreciated. Normally I would never do anything like this but in the current circumstances I feel I do not have a choice I need to be a responsible parent . Thank. you so much for your support!

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