• Sandra Arita

Beauty is an extensible and relative concept..

Beauty is an extensible and relative concept... Everyone has their own ideals, tastes and preferences. Being beautiful is not enough, you need to be well-groomed... And how to be well-groomed, when there is almost no time for yourself 🤷 🏾 ♀ ️ come on, time is also money, which is not enough even for the richest people... It seems that a woman should be perfect in everything from the smell to the tips of her hair... But how do you know exactly where the limit of ideality is? And, like, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you like everything, but you still want to change something... how's that?😄 Now the sphere of "beauty" is so developed that you do not even know which of the expensive services to use and stay satisfied, and just do not blow money to the wind. The masters with crooked hands, the materials are not clear from what place they take, the service is not that, and so on... But I want to try something that is so hard to advertise the fair sex in Instagram. For example, I do Botox for hair. I do it a second time and I like it. But do not rush to run it is not clear where, where cheaper or familiar, it is better to read reviews or ask those who do constantly and can recommend the master. Before, it was enough for me to just wash my hair. Now, due to an incomprehensible diet, ecology, and nerves, my hair requires additional care, since I can't walk with dry hair. You have to invest... Well, what to do🤷🏾♀ I Recently accidentally I met a friend. She has two children and is divorced. (This is not a surprising situation) the Ex-husband does not help, there is not enough money, and so on. She looked at me with such genuine admiration. Made me a lot of compliments about my perfume, hair, and everything in General. And you know, I was kind of uncomfortable... As if I don't want to, I stand like this FIFA, and a person can't make ends meet. And I understand that I can't help everyone in this life. I'm not a millionaire. But I couldn't help myself. I felt a sort of dread in my heart. I don't know why.

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